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Why Work with a Social Security Attorney

Why Work with a Social Security Attorney

Residents of Lake Oswego, Portland and the Northwest who are unable to work due to a disability are eligible to receive social security disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Whether your situation is medically apparent or not, receiving your benefits can take an unbelievable amount of time, if not done right.

A Social Security Attorney Can Help

The most important reason to hire an attorney to help with your disability case is your chances of being approved are significantly increased. While it’s true that some people who apply on their own are approved for benefits, statistics show that, everything else being equal, Social Security is more likely to approve an applicant who’s represented by legal counsel than one who isn’t.

Working with a social security attorney can expedite the application process and earn you more benefits than you would filing your own case. An attorney can also ensure that the filing process is done right the first time. Most people who file for social security on their own are initially denied. A social security attorney can submit an appeal for a denied application.

From the initial application to the hearing level and beyond, disability attorneys understand how to present a case in the light most favorable to their clients. On the initial application, your lawyer can offer advice on your “alleged onset date” of disability, argue that your condition meets one of the listed impairments in Social Security’s “blue book,” and help you focus on the facts that will be most persuasive to Social Security.

At the reconsideration and hearing levels, your lawyer can collect and submit relevant medical evidence, obtain an opinion from your doctor, draft a detailed brief to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and prepare you for the judge’s questions at the hearing. Your attorney will also elicit helpful testimony from you at the hearing and may cross-examine the Vocational Expert or Medical Expert to demonstrate that you’re unable to work.

Disability Law Office NW in Lake Oswego and Portland can help build and file your case correctly the first time, or appeal denied applications. When you can’t work, it is essential get the compensation that you need for daily life.

Types of Social Security Disability Cases. These are only examples:
  • Diabetes/Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mental Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Liver Disease
  • Kidney Failure / Renal Failure
  • Accidents Leading to Medical Disabilities
  • and many more…
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