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Disability Law Office

“Very kind and helpful I would definitely recommend them in time of need.”Cali S.

“Professional disability law practice. I love the friendly staff and speedy replies to my phone calls. I would refer this office to anyone who is in need of help with disability benefits.”Patricia G.

“Disability Law Office NW steers away from the “cookie cutter” process and treats each client and their case on an individual level. The firm strives to give their clients an experience that is reliable and comfortable.”Sahar N.

“I have had prior attorneys give up on me because they believed I didn’t have a case. I called Randy and his staff for help and they were nothing short of friendly and encouraging. I ended up winning my case and getting the help I needed. I wouldn’t steer anyone in another direction if they needed help; this is the firm that will fight for you!”Karina C.

“Attorney and staff really cared about me and my family during a very difficult time in my life. But best of all, they remained accessible and up-to-date with my case, unlike other firms I’ve dealt with. I couldn’t recommend any law firm more than this one! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Randy G.

“I would recommend hiring this firm if you believe you have a tough case. Randy, Sahar, Patricia, and all the staff at Disability Law Office NW are extremely professional. Randy has been doing this a while. Along with being honest, direct and friendly, he and his staff are very knowledgeable in the process involved. If it weren’t for Randy and his staff we would have had huge difficulty getting all the right documents and other needed info.”P. J.

“If there was a ten star rating they would be a 10! Excellent service from Sahar, great people to work with. Would love to meet Sahar some day!”Chris E.

“Very dedicated very friendly. Feels more like friends than an attorney-client relationship. Highly recommend Mr. Randy and his staff. Never once felt like he was never fighting for me and my family. Can’t go wrong.”Clayton G.