Our office remains COVID-sensitive and we are able to meet via phone, video, and text.
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Disability Law Office

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Our office remains COVID-sensitive and we are able to meet via phone, video, and text. File your claim NOW- before the SSA offices reopen, there is no need to wait! Call now to schedule your consultation or file your claim - we can help you get in line right now for a hearing when SSA reopens.

Disability Law Office

“Very well thank you. I would definitely tell any of my family and friends to Disability law.”David M.

“Still working hard. Positive. Amazingly comfortable.”Nancy H.

“It was one of the easiest decisions I ever made and the best they were polite helpful and they never acted like I was bothering them. A different place that I called they weren’t that nice I go as far as to say they were slightly rude and I felt like I wasn’t supposed to call them I was just supposed to wait for them to get ahold of me to do anything. I’m also recommending my attorney can other people who are having problems with social security disability. Thank you very much you made me feel very at ease. I’ve already recommended them to a couple of the people and I have another friend who’s just now starting his track with social security disability and he is totally lost so he plans on calling my attorney also I’m sure they’ll be able to help him and if they can’t I’m sure they’ll find somebody who can. They just seem like that kind of people helpful friendly and caring.”Barbara B.

“Empathetic and respectful but one contact felt unreasonable tension towards my conditions. Feel up to date and action taken as needed. I feel I made a good decision as they are strong personality with conviction towards the effort. I would recommend this attorney.”Justin M.

“Randy and his staff were incredible! Very caring! Highly recommended!”Suzette C.

“I believe I made a great decision in retaining this attorney. I would recommend him to anyone asking for recommendations.”Penny L.

“Always be like friend.”Sith N.

“I am always treated with respect and kept up to date on every stage and feel like my decision to use the services. I would tell anyone this attorney is a great way to proceed.”Terry B.

“Awesome! Very professional, pleasant and personal. Quick to respond to questions and gave a thorough explanation. Made the experience as comforting and easy as possible. A joy to work with.”Ben N.


“Very well. I would recommend.”Jimmy C.

“Very personable and easy to explain and relate to. Great, hired again for my appeal case.”Heidi B.

“I feel like I had the firm backing me throughout the process. I am very pleased with everyone at the firm. I feel like the lady’s in the office were always there to help me with any and all questions I had. This firm was very helpful to me. I would and have recommended this firm. Thank you all!!”John O.

“Randy was great in presenting my case and I was able to win with him. I felt very comfortable with the whole staff during the whole lengthy process.”Robert L.

“Excellent!”Sandy K.

“Good!”Trina P.

“My case is currently pending, my attorney and his associates/staff have all been very responsive in returning calls & answering questions. They have treated me with respect, concern and dignity. They have realized the difficulty of my situation and have provided advice to try and expedite my claim. Their assistance is helping me get through this difficult time and reducing my stress so I can focus on my health. Randy Rosenblatt and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are straight forward and genuinely care. I’m thankful for their help and recommend them 100%.”Laura P.

“Good!”Renada A.

“Top notch, knowledgeable, respectful & caring. Very glad I made this choice, he’s the best attorney and the most respectful office I’ve ever dealt with.”Oscar G.

“Treated with respect, and comfortable. Did good job, professional.”Robert P.

“Awesome attorney. I’m still being represented and he is doing a great job.”Amanda B.

“Great experience! Full respect & understanding. The whole team was very helpful and respected me and my concerns.”Tina M.

“I feel very positive about my treatment. While we are still awaiting a hearing date I have been informed from the start what a long process this can take & I appreciate their honesty and keeping me informed of each step. I feel strongly I made the right choice. I advised them they are worth it.”Toni H.

“Pretty good. Would like to have had biweekly updates, if by text even out of 5 prefabricated responses. I.e. collecting info, as office obtaining reports, your case looks similar to others that were approved, judge date (this is what happens) after court date, I can expect.”Joanne H.

“Randy treated me pretty well. He was friendly and approachable. However, I do feel that time management was an issue with my case. It was my first time being represented in any real fashion, so I’d say the experience was overall positive.”Josh R.

“I would recommend this firm to anyone needing help with disability. The entire firm helps me feel human and still an important part of society. Also treated with respect, I am always updated and receive a quick responds whenever I reach out to the firm.”Patricia K.

“Very kind and helpful I would definitely recommend them in time of need.”Cali S.

“Professional disability law practice. I love the friendly staff and speedy replies to my phone calls. I would refer this office to anyone who is in need of help with disability benefits.”Patricia G.

“Disability Law Office NW steers away from the “cookie cutter” process and treats each client and their case on an individual level. The firm strives to give their clients an experience that is reliable and comfortable.”Sahar N.

“I have had prior attorneys give up on me because they believed I didn’t have a case. I called Randy and his staff for help and they were nothing short of friendly and encouraging. I ended up winning my case and getting the help I needed. I wouldn’t steer anyone in another direction if they needed help; this is the firm that will fight for you!”Karina C.

“Attorney and staff really cared about me and my family during a very difficult time in my life. But best of all, they remained accessible and up-to-date with my case, unlike other firms I’ve dealt with. I couldn’t recommend any law firm more than this one! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”Randy G.

“I would recommend hiring this firm if you believe you have a tough case. Randy, Sahar, Patricia, and all the staff at Disability Law Office NW are extremely professional. Randy has been doing this a while. Along with being honest, direct and friendly, he and his staff are very knowledgeable in the process involved. If it weren’t for Randy and his staff we would have had huge difficulty getting all the right documents and other needed info.”P. J.

“If there was a ten star rating they would be a 10! Excellent service from Sahar, great people to work with. Would love to meet Sahar some day!”Chris E.

“Very dedicated very friendly. Feels more like friends than an attorney-client relationship. Highly recommend Mr. Randy and his staff. Never once felt like he was never fighting for me and my family. Can’t go wrong.”Clayton G.